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E. Wedel was founded in 1851 in Warsaw, Poland by Karol Wedel and led into world-wide fame by his son, Emil Wedel, who inherited the company, expanded and revolutionized it. To this day, E. Wedel remains the leading candy and confectionery brand in Poland and has gained recognition all over the world in various markets. Currently a subsidiary of Lotte, E. Wedel is most famous for its Ptasie Mleczko (chocolate-covered marshmallows), Mieszanka Wedlowska (assorted chocolate-covered candy), Torcik Wedlowski (hand-decorated chocolate-covered wafer cake), Pawelek (chocolate bar with flavored filling), and an immense assortment of chocolate bars with various flavors and fillings.

E. Wedel represents a chocolate confectioner's dream, producing many varieties of high-quality chocolates. They have been known and adored throughout Poland for many decades for their original and intriguing flavor, a classic among our tastes. They are a unique rarity in itself, with the perfect combination of the best Wedel chocolate with various delicious fillings. Among favorites are the Milk, Dessert, Dark, White, with Strawberry, with Raspberry, with Blueberry & Wild Strawberry, with Coconut, with Nut, with Toffee, with Nuts & Raisins, and with Hazelnuts.

E.Wedel Chocolate Bars
Chocolate Bars

Available in:

Milk Chocolate with Various Fillings
Dark Chocolate with Cherry Filling
Luxury Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts

E.Wedel - Ptasie Mleczko
Boxed Chocolates

Available in:

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
Milk or Bitter Chocolates
Milk Chocolate Pralines

E.Wedel - Praline Wafer

Available in:

Dark Chocolate

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