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Who wouldn't like a sweet and portable treat to satisfy a sweet tooth without the abundance of unnecessary calories? Lowell Foods has made it possible with SesaKiss and Fruit-See Lollypops!
Thin crisps composed of a large dose of sesame seeds drained in wheat syrup and solidified into an irresistible treat you cannot say 'no' to. SesaKiss are 100% natural, containing only naturally derived ingredients, consisting mostly of sesame seeds, gluten free wheat syrup that acts as a 'binder' of the sesame seeds, sugar, and flavoring. They contain NO cholesterol, VERY LOW sodium, NO trans fat, and are gluten and lactose free!
Fruit-See Lollypops are individually wrapped for convenience and avoidance of a sticky mess - whether you choose the large 50-pack or smaller 100-pack! Unlike conventional lollypops, each Lowell Fruit-See is hand-made with the unique flower or fruit pattern literally embedded into the lollypop to make each one exceptional!

SesaKiss Honey
Sesakiss Honey
SesaKiss Vanilla
Sesakiss Vanilla
SesaKiss Coconut
Sesakiss Coconut
Sesakiss Orange
Sesakiss Orange
SesaKiss Wildberry
Sesakiss Wildberry
Fruit-See Lollypops
Fruit-See Lollypops