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Black Kassel

Piller's Black Kassel incorporates tradition and the flavors of Europe as inspiration for their gently smoked and dry-cured meats and salamis. Ranging from Old Forest Salami to Westphalian Ham, Black Kassel fine meats blend the tastes of two worlds - the European tradition of time-honored food preparation, with today's demands for distinctive and superior quality. From their customer base in Canada, Black Kassel continues to expand into other markets all across North America - with more than 400 pork, beef, and poultry products every year to meet consumers changing tastes.

Black Kassel Salami

Available in:

    Barcelona Salami
    D'Amour Salami
    Szegedi Salami
    Old Forest Salami
    Mustardseed Salami
    Bavarian Salami
    Mailander Salami
    Alpen Salami
    Picante Salami
    Gypsy Salami
    Hungarian Salami

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